Woman Wishes She Had Seen Images Prior To Her Abortion

“I’m only writing because I wish I had saw (sic) those pictures before I aborted my child.”

I thought I was doing the right thing and had all of the correct information I was so wrong. I saw pamphlets on how abortion is safe and where you can go get one but never any pamphlets with information like this. Now today I sit here and wonder was it a boy or was it a girl? Was he or she gonna have blue eyes or green eyes? Was he or she gonna have blonde hair or brown hair. Anyway that is all I can do is sit here and wonder because 3 years ago I was selfish and only thought of myself not the child that was growing inside me God only knows the answer to those questions I sure don’t because I was to selfish to give my child the right to live I had the right to choose but did my child? NO!!! I took that from him or her! How I only wish I had all the information or saw that video three years ago! I can only hope and pray that someday God will forgive me and I also pray for that little life that I killed!


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