Woman who took abortion pill: “I was lied to!”

Nelle, who had an abortion by pill, wrote that she was 6 weeks pregnant when she went to Planned Parenthood for an abortion:

“The ENTIRE time I was there I was told LIES! They said, “There are no real risks, this is like a period, light cramping, it’ll all be over within 2 days.” They assured me I didn’t have to do anything. I didn’t want to!…

They gave me a packet full of information and only went over the first page….I asked a Million Questions. Planned Parenthood assured me I was going to be fine, and it would all be over in 2 days….

Of course, I had to read the packet they didn’t go over with me, and inside it said I might bleed for up to 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS!

No one actually says that you BLEED FOR WEEKS! NO ONE!

That would have been great to know beforehand. I would have NEVER opted for this method if I knew that vital piece of information.

I had asked multiple nurses and they assured me it would all be clear within a few days!….

Anyway, it hurt like crazy and I have never been more nauseated and in pain in my life. I was a sweaty, bloody, crying mess. The cramping was pretty bad for me but it was the fact of feeling the chunks fall out of you. I sat on the toilet and eventually put on a maxi pad and sat on the couch. It was about 3-4 hours of cramping until it came out….

They assure you there is literally zero risk and that it is quick, private, and like a period. Which is all a lie!…

I was completely misinformed and lied to. I feel very manipulated.”

She is still pro-choice.

Nelle’s Story” Abortion Pill Risks

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Author: TA Smith

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