Baby survives abortion, nurse shoves child into biohazard bag

18-year old Sycloria Williams abortion had an abortion at 23 weeks, an age when babies have been born and survived.

“Hardly showing, Sycloria Williams didn‘t realize how far along she was. The second day of her procedure didn‘t go according to plan. She says, ―I was supposed to be asleep for all of this. I wasn‘t supposed to see anything. Just wake up and it will all be over,‖ she had been told. Instead, she was awake when she pushed out a baby, who was still alive. A clinic employee shoved the tiny, twitching, gasping baby into a biohazard bag and took it away while the girl was left in shock. ―”I thought it would be a blob thing, but bigger, not a baby”, she later said.”

Soñé, Daniel, “A Botched Abortion in Mother‘s Own WordsFlorida Catholic February 6, 2009

Quoted in Serena Gaefke 101 Reasons Not to Have an Abortion: A Girl‘s Guide to Informed Choices (2010) 20

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Author: Sarah

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