Woman Coerced into an Abortion by Her Boyfriend Regrets It

When I found out that I was pregnant I was not the least shocked. I had told my boyfriend who I have been dating for almost a year at the time. he was so happy at first. and as the time went on he was changing his mind about things. I was supporting him and me and I could not support someone else. I was still going to school and working a full time job.

when I finally made up my mind that I was going to tell my mom what was going on I was 16 weeks pregnant. I had told my boyfriend that I was going to move back in with my mom and that I was still planning to have this baby, but that I wouldn’t be able to support him so that he had to move back home. I never thought that he would punch me in my stomach and say that he was more important than my unborn baby. I cried for 2 weeks and I didn’t tell my mom but she suspected that I was pregnant. now I was almost 20 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t do it all by my self, so I went with my exboyfriend who was 4 years older than I and got an abortion. because I was almost half way through my pregnancy they had to dilate my cervix and then I had to go the next day and get the abortion. that day I was so scared I remember when I was at the abortion clinic how cold it was and the therapist asking me if I really wanted to do this. and all I kepted saying was that I had no choice and my friend begged me not to. I could feel some cramping but not much and I got up and I was bleeding alot. I remember walking to the operating room and I remember when they started the IV and how I looked up and told one of the nurses to tell me what was the sex of the baby and to tell the baby that I loved it and I had no choice. from there I don’t remember anything but when I woke up in the recovery room crying and checking my stomach to see if it was a horrible dream. I remember screaming from the top of my lungs and saying I wish I could die too. I fell into a deep depression and I bearly made it to senior year. I tried to commit suicide. I didn’t care for my self or anyone else at the time I was a murder. I rember going to the police station and saying that I had murdered someone and saying that I killed my own baby. I thought that I would never be happy again. now im 19 years old my first year in college and im 5 weeks pregnant and happily married to my exboyfriend who accompanied to the abortion clinic. I could never think of getting an abortion ever again!!

Nelly R


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6 thoughts on “Woman Coerced into an Abortion by Her Boyfriend Regrets It”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been feeling so alone.

    And Karen, learn to read. That’s all I’m going to say there.

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