Ultrasound Laws and Abortion

An article about a law proposing that women view an ultrasound before having an abortion gave the following information:

 “A poll by Focus on the Family, a group opposed to abortion, found that when women who were undecided about whether to end a pregnancy were shown an ultrasound of the fetus, 78% did not have the abortion.


A Gallup poll in July found that 50% of those surveyed supported laws requiring women to be shown ultrasound images of their fetuses, while 46% were opposed.”

Also from the article:

But critics of these [ultrasound] bills scored an important win in August, when a federal judge struck down parts of a new Texas law requiring women seeking an abortion in most cases to view a sonogram and listen to the fetal heart beat. Judge Sam Sparks ruled that the Texas law — which Gov. Rick Perry helped to push through the legislature — violated the First Amendment. “The act compels physicians to advance an ideological agenda with which they may not agree,” he said. The issue could end up in the Supreme Court.

Read more: http://ideas.time.com/2011/10/17/the-next-abortion-battleground-fetal-heartbeats/#ixzz24giCIFrC

Adam Cohen“The Next Abortion Battleground: Fetal Heartbeats” Time Ideas October 17, 2011

It is hard to imagine how showing a real time image of the child inside a woman, allowing her to make an informed choice and making sure she is not deceived by the clinic workers selling abortions violates women’s rights. Shouldn’t a woman have full access to all the information about what is going on in her own body? So many post-abortion women have claimed that abortion clinic workers lied about fetal development and/or turned the ultrasound away from them. They had an abortion thinking their children were merely tissue or a collection of cells. Then, sometime later they saw an actual photograph or sonogram of an unborn baby and break down, realizing once it is too late that they have been deceived. Are women really so fragile that they need to be protected from the truth?

3D sonogram at 8 weeks


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