Pro-Choice Writer Comments on the Silent Scream

A pro-choice author comments on The Silent Scream, an antiabortion movie that shows an unborn baby being aborted on ultrasound. Planned Parenthood pulled all the stops out to discredit this movie, because it swayed many people towards the pro-life cause.

While these facts may, as Planned Parenthood says, speak loudly, it’s unlikely that they say what the prochoice groups hope, since they put the fetus, even a televised facsimile, on center stage, precisely where prochoice groups don’t want it. Assume the film is wrong and the Planned Parenthood brochure is right. Assume that was a fetal yawn and not a scream. None of the experts contested that it was a fetal mouth, and that it was pan of a fetal head, attached to a fetal spine, and that it had arms andlegs, fingers and eyes.  ….

In fact, we need neither The Silent Scream nor a degree in fetal physiology to tell us what we already know: that abortion is the eradication of human life and should be avoided whenever possible. Should it be legal? Yes, since the alternatives are worse. Is it moral? Perhaps, depending on what’s at stake.

Jason Deparle, “Beyond the Legal Right; Why Liberals and Feminists Don’t like to Talk about the Morality of Abortion,” Washington Monthly Apr. 1989

3-D ultrasound in the first trimester
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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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