Two Women Defy Abortion Counselors – Have Their Babies

“I thought there would be no way to survive being sixteen and pregnant. They did abortions at the clinic. The woman was giving me all these pamphlets saying that I could go to New York, and she told me about all of these places that would do abortions after five months…I didn’t know what I wanted, I hadn’t even thought about anything…they made it sound so easy. The woman said that if they did a vacuum the worst part would be the noise,and it’d be quick and easy.” [a suction abortion was the wrong method for use in the second trimester, she would most likely had a D&E, a much more complicated procedure]

Kristine Lee Brown in the article “The Real Choices” by Christy Brown from “Voice” magazine Vol 1 issue 4, p 18. Kristine had her child.

In another issue of the same magazine, same column, the following quote was made by a different teen:

“When [my mother] found out I had been pregnant for seven months, she wanted to know why I hadn’t let her know. I told her it was I was afraid she would make me have an abortion, which I did now want to do. We called Planned Parenthood for help, and they asked me how old I was. I told them I was sixteen and they told me I had to have an abortion. They said it was the only thing I could do. I told them I just couldn’t, and asked them to help me with an alternative. They just said abortion was the best thing for me. I said, “I don’t think so.”

The speaker did have her baby, although Planned Parenthood refused to help her. She connected with a private adoption agency.

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