Planned Parenthood Calls Unborn Baby a “Blob of Jelly”

One woman who had an abortion and suffered grief afterwards says the following:

“My husband was with me. He was nervous. I was nervous. We were both wrecks. Planned Parenthood counseled me. They gave me a pamphlet that I hung on to. They told me that a fetus was just a little blob of jelly at three months.

Even so, I began having these nightmares, and my husband would always be dead in them. Sometimes the baby I killed would be calling to me, “Mommy, Mommy, why did you kill me?”

Then, after this, I found out the real truth about my baby, and it blew me away. About six months after my abortion, I started quietly looking into fetal and baby books, and one book just devastated me. I wanted to bury that book. I went into drinking and severe depression. I couldn’t live with it. I didn’t want my children to touch me. I wouldn’t let my husband touch me. I wouldn’t even take a shower or comb my hair.”

Women Exploited by Abortion state director. from the book “Women Exploited: The Other Victims of Abortion” Paula Ervin, ed. Our Sunday Visitor; 1ST edition (1985) 68


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2 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Calls Unborn Baby a “Blob of Jelly””

  1. I have always had a hard time accepting these statements on people NOT knowing what will be destroyed in an abortion procedure.
    They all know they’re pregnant and that calling unborn a fetus whatever doesn’t change the facts that THEY know “it” is alive and growing inside of them.

    I attended a failing nyc public school system back in the 60s and early 70s and even then via biology and of course their “health” class taught by the female gym teacher LOL as we were still segregated by gender for THIS-you did see drawings and photos of the human fetus presented in the stages of development.

    Our gym teacher followed the LAW on the requirements of the course and most certainly did,also stressing THAT simply because abortions were legal in nyc,being legal will NEVER make it “right”.
    and back then, no one complained about her interjecting a tiny bit of ethics and morality regarding human life.

    how can they continue this claim of not knowing what’s being killed ?
    your pregnant,it’s a baby,not a volkswagon, a dog or a frog.
    preganacy produces your son or daughter,ususally within 9 months.

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