Study by Anne Speckhard on emotional trauma

Researcher Anne Speckhard conducted a study that showed how abortion causes emotional trauma in women.

She interviewed women who regretted their abortions and found that they experienced the following:

• grief reactions (100 percent)

• feelings of depression (92 percent)

• feelings of anger (92 percent)

• feelings of guilt (92 percent)

• fear that others would learn of the pregnancy and abortion (89 percent)

• surprise at the intensity of the emotional reaction to the abortion (85 percent)

• feelings of lowered self worth (81 percent)

• feelings of victimization (81 percent)

• decreased effectiveness, or suppressed ability to experience pain (73 percent)

• feelings of discomfort around infants and small children (73 percent).

Anne Speckhard The Psycho-Social Aspects of Stress Following Abortion (Sheed and Ward, Kansas City, 1987)

Quoted in:  “ABORTION A Briefing Book For Canadian Legislators” Campaign Life Coalition NATIONAL PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE July 2002

These women were a selected sample of those who regretted their abortions, so this may not be representative of ALL women who have abortions. But the study shows that some women have  emotional trauma due to abortion.

Read more about abortion’s psychological impact and the emotional trauma it causes.

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