Abortion clinic describes a D&E as “emptying your uterus”

An abortion clinic describes a D&E abortion this way. The clinic is Women’s Options Center:

During the second trimester of pregnancy (14-23 weeks since your last menstrual period), abortions are performed as two-day outpatient procedures, known as “D&E” (dilation and evacuation)….

When you are well relaxed, the doctor will remove the laminaria and will use suction and instruments to empty your uterus. When you wake, you won’t remember the procedure. After the procedure, nurses will monitor you for two hours as you wake up. You will probably have some cramping and spotting; we will provide you with a heat pack and a maxi-pad for your recovery and ride home.”

In reality, a D&E dismembers a child, tears her apart limb by limb. Here is a diagram:

Abortion clinic describes a D&EAt 14 weeks, the earliest time this clinic does a D&E, the baby looks like this:

Abortion clinic describes a D&E

Here is a more detailed description of a D&E from a former abortionist.

A former abortionist explains the procedure in a video. 

This is not simply “emptying the uterus” The abortion clinic wants to keep women in the dark about what abortion is like, because they want women to go through with their abortions. They know that if women knew how brutal a D&E is, they might refuse to undergo the abortion.

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