Sometimes Women Change Their Minds About Abortion

Illustrating the fact that women are often ambivalent about getting an abortion, and that counseling is needed, a reporter who observed in an abortion clinic says:

“On this day at the surgical unit of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania, in central Philadelphia, 21 people will have abortions. Another two dozen pregnant women will come in to view a video and to “start the clock” on their state-mandated 24-hour waiting period. Most will come back for abortions. Some will never be heard from again…Sometimes, says clinic manager Paula Monastersky, a woman will just get up and leave. Occasionally, a woman will even be undressed and on the table, moments away from the doctor’s instruments, and she’ll change her mind.”

. Linda Feldmann “Abortion: Uneasy Day at the Clinic” Christian Science Monitor, Jan 22 1998, Vol. 90, Issue 39

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