Some politicians support abortion to limit minorities

Pro-Life author Mary Meehan wrote:

“Many white voters believe abortion is a solution for the welfare problem and a way to slow the growth of the black population. I worked two years for a liberal, pro-life candidate who was appalled by the number of anti-black comments he found when discussing the issue. And Representative Robert Dorman of California, a conservative pro-life leader, once told his colleagues in the House, “I have heard many rock-ribbed Republicans brag about how fiscally conservative they are and then tell me that I was an idiot on the abortion issue.” When he asked why, said Dorman, they whispered, “Because we have to hold them down, we have to stop the population growth.” Dorman elaborated: “To them, population growth means Blacks, Puerto Ricans, or other Latinas,” or anyone who “should not be having more than a polite one or two “burdens on society.”

Mary Meehan “The Left Has Betrayed the Sanctity of Life: Consistency Demands Concern for the Unborn” in Rachael McNair and Stephen Zunes, eds. Consistently Opposing Killing (Bloomington, Indiana: Author’s Choice Press, 2008, 2011) 22 – 23

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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