John Bayard Britton and his “seedy” abortion clinics

An article in GQ is about an abortionist from Florida.  The abortionist, John Bayard Britton, was later killed by an anti-abortion extremist.

“His clothes are shabby and his offices, in Jacksonville and Fernandina, are seedy… At the clinic in Pensacola, the protesters congregate behind a tall wooden fence, and Doc Britton sometimes speaks, with a smile, of taking target practice through the knotholes. He believes, deeply, in the prerogative of capital punishment. If he were God, or king, he says, he would have executed [abortionist David] Gunn’s murderer two weeks after the arrest. If, by chance, he executed the wrong man, his remorse would have been tempered by the simple fact that we are all frail, we are all sinners, and the accused, in the course of his life, had probably done something worthy of death….. All his life, he has gotten into scrapes -with hospitals, with other doctors, with medical boards- until he has become, in some quarters, an outcast who can walk only where no one else will.”

He started doing abortions after he could no longer practice legitimate medicine. He was disciplined for over-prescribing narcotics to a drug addict:

“… [T]he state medical board charged him, in 1981, with prescribing 1,900 Percodan and Percocet tablets to a drug addict. He disputed the charges, but accepted-“on the advice of an expensive lawyer”-two years of probation, and that, he says, was the end of him: “I was a pariah as far as any salaried job was concerned.”

He gives the reason he did abortions:

“I made a living doing abortions,” Doc says. “I did them because I thought they should have been done..But I will say I had no money to feed my family…”

Tom Junod ““THE ABORTIONIST” GQ February 1994

Clinic Quotes condemns all violence against abortion doctors.

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