Planned Parenthood counselor: Only white babies are adopted

In her book for women considering abortion, former Planned Parenthood abortion counselor Anna Runkle says:

“Adoption is far more common among white people than among people of color. Healthy white babies are usually easily adopted, but nonwhite and disabled babies can end up spending months or even years in foster care. For African-American babies especially, adoptive families are not always available.”

Anna Runkle In Good Conscience: A Practical, Emotional, and Spiritual Guide to Deciding Whether to Have an Abortion (San Francisco: Jossey–Bass Publishers, 1998) 131

This is absolutely false. There is a waiting list for disabled infants, and African American babies are routinely adopted. There are over 2 million couples in the US waiting or infants, whether African American or White.

Runkle’s book is biased towards abortion, even though she says:

“This book is pro-choice, which means it supports you no matter what you decide.”

page 5

She warns women away from crisis  pregnancy centers, and discourages teens from having their babies. 

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Author: Sarah

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