Pro-Lifer Encounters Woman Injured by Abortion in Emergency Room

In her book about abortion, Teresa Tomeo tells the following story:

“I accompanied a family member to the emergency room of a well-known hospital in New Jersey in 2010. A thin screen separated us from the next patient, a young Latina, accompanied by a young man. The doctor examined her, then sent her for some tests. We were still there when the woman came back and the doctor came to speak to her. I remember the doctor’s exact words: “The problem is that parts of the fetus are still inside you.” The woman had to have surgery, and the doctor told her the risks included hemorrhaging; perforated uterus, which could leave her unable to have children; or a nicked bowel, which could result in a colostomy. Then the doctor said something I will never forget. She said, “Don’t worry, we’ve seen this before and I’m sure you’re going to be one of the lucky ones.” So it was no big deal to find baby parts inside a woman following an abortion. They had seen it all before.”

Teresa Tomeo Recall Abortion: Ending the Abortion Industry’s Exploitation of Women (Charlotte, North Carolina: St. Benedict Press, 2013)Page 54

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