National Abortion Federation Is Deceptive about Abortion Death

When a woman asking for an abortion called the National Abortion Federation (an organization of abortion providers that is supposed to certify the safety of abortion clinics)on behalf of Life Dynamics, she asked the counselor who answered the phone on behalf of the NAF about a story she heard about a girl who died at one of the facilities they recommended. It was a case of medical malpractice. At first, the woman tried to deny that such an event had occurred:

Then she said:

“Um, I think what, I’m not sure, but this may be the case, um, where there was a – she had some sort of condition. And I don’t know that I can’t say any of this officially, but she had some sort of condition that was not related to any of the procedure itself. It was a problem she had, she had a bad reaction – it was a strange thing, but it wasn’t anything – there was nothing, nothing medically wrong with the procedure. Um, it’s just kind of a – it was really a fluke kind of thing. Um…”

In reality, the 13-year-old that they were talking about died from a massive overdose of anesthesia she was given by mistake.

When the caller expresses more doubts about having an abortion, the national abortion Federation spokesperson says the following

“But you’re always – there’s always going to be stories, you know, for everything. And they’re scary, and, you’re saying gosh, you know “what if it happens to me?” There is always that, and you need to, like, think about it as it’s an incredibly unlikely chance that is going to happen.… It’s like, I don’t know, it’s like everything you do in your life. There are risks involved. It’s like when you go to the bathroom and the floor is wet. There’s a risk you know, there is someone in this country, maybe someone even around you that has fallen in the bathroom and died, but you still go to the bathroom….”

 Mark Crutcher  “Lime 5: Exploited by Choice ” (Denton, Texas: Life Dynamics Incorporated, 1996) 111 – 113

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Author: Sarah

Sarah Terzo is a writer for Live Action and a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians and Consistent Life. She lives in NJ.

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