Pro-Choicer: both abortion and abstinence are the same because they both “prevent” a baby

This pro-abortion/pro-choice activist believes that if abortion is wrong, abstaining from sex is also wrong, because either way, a baby will not be born.

“If two healthy, fertile people, very much in love but ignorant of the ways of contraception, are sexually active for a year or more, the probability that a child will be conceived is quite high. It follows that if the two remain chaste for that period of time, the probability that a potential child has been lost is equally high. One can condemn abortion or the prevention of implantation because each results in the sure loss of a potential child, therefore, only if one is prepared to condemn chastity for the same reason. … If those who tolerate abortion are said to trample on the rights of the unborn, then those who praise chastity may with equal justification be said to trample on the rights of the unconceived.”

David Randall Luce. “Potential Personhood and the Rights of the Unconceived.” Conscience (newsletter of Catholics for a Free Choice), July/August 1986 [Volume VII, Number 4], pages 2 to 5.

This person is divorced from reality. In chastity, a baby is not conceived. No baby exists. In abortion, the baby exists, and this is done to him or her:

10 weeks
10 weeks
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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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