Pro-Abortion activist: Abortion eliminates “child abusers, wife-beaters, and mass murderers”

A pro-abortion/pro-choice activist explains why she supports abortion:

“Lately the anti-choice protesters have argued that, in destroying a fetus, a potentially great mind may be destroyed — killing an Einstein or a Beethoven. On the other hand, we might be sparing the world a Hitler or a mass murderer; this is a good deal more probable, for unwanted children rarely have happy lives or the kind of nurturing that produces great achievers. … If there’s one thing this world doesn’t need, it’s more people — especially unhappy, maladjusted, abused people who grow up to be child abusers, wife-beaters, and sometimes mass murderers.”

Victoria Branden. “The Abortion Merry-Go-Round.” Humanist in Canada, Autumn 1989, pages 14 to 15.

Below: Did this child deserve to die because he could have grown up to be a mass murderer?

10 weeks

10 weeks

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