Pro-Choice pamphlet acknowledges abortion is “taking a human life”

A pamphlet put out by Catholics for Free Choice entitled “Abortion: A Guide to Making Ethical Decisions” says:

“It is important to understand that while abortion does involve the taking of a human life because all life that is in and of a human being is human life in order to call it murder we would have to believe that prenatal life in the early stages of pregnancy is a human person and that there were absolutely no reasons that justified the taking of that life … [However], you may feel you have reasons that justify abortion regardless of your beliefs about personhood.”

Marjorie Reiley Maguire and Daniel C. Maguire of Catholics for a Free Choice.

Marjorie Reiley Maguire and Daniel C. Maguire. “Abortion: A Guide to Making Ethical Decisions” Catholics for a Free Choice, September 1983

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One Response to Pro-Choice pamphlet acknowledges abortion is “taking a human life”

  1. Rich the Catholic says:

    This is an interesting post; I have not known that such a pamphlet existed. However, I would like to point out that unless if the pamphlet ends here with these statements, it COULD likewise continue talking about how is and what makes abortion (or people who believe in abortion) appealing and could follow up with a positive and constructive counter for cheerful efforts. It could also be an informative post, merely pointing out that people do, in fact, believe in the immoral practice and belief of abortion. I pray that such Catholics who post or print these pamphlets are not, in fact, supporting abortion through ignorance or malignance. For God must reward or punish the actions or words we make to other people, including those which may not lead them to God.

    The nature of abortion is so against the essence of human nature, that an abortion before anyone’s eyes is truly appalling, just as watching the murder of an innocent is truly appalling. Any form of killing is contrary to the nature of humanity, which is why we hate wars, and why war-hardened veterans sometimes have horrible PTSD or psychological disorders from having to take so many lives without a clear understanding of what it is they are doing. This is why so many people want to spread “the gospel of peace”, without realizing where true peace lies, or from Whom it came from. It is these people who should seek instruction in the Faith, to find the Truth which can only be found in the One Who loves us all.

    But one of the worst crimes against nature involves taking the very vessel where new life is conceived — the very center of safety and protection: the mother’s womb — and turning it into the sacrifice block of personal pleasure, where natural innocents are pointlessly slaughtered for questionable gains.

    Whether or not this pamphlet continues is of greater concern, and if it does not, than these Catholics are critically ill-informed of God’s law given to mankind. If it does continue, however, why did the poster have to stop there?

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