Pro-Choice author felt abortion was “settled” after Roe

In one of her books, pro-choice author Rickie Solinger wrote about how she thought abortion was “settled” after Roe was decided. She didn’t anticipate the rise of the pro-life movement:

“I was 26 when the Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion in 1973, and like others of my generation assumed that it had settled the matter.

Perhaps because I was relatively young then, perhaps because the political culture was less divided and divisive, perhaps because the claims of the women’s rights movement seemed so persuasive, I didn’t doubt that Roe v. Wade had established a new order, one that would change women’s lives forever…

[M]any women’s rights activists and others did not foresee the long decades of backlash against women’s new sexual and reproductive freedoms that lay ahead.”

Rickie Solinger Reproductive Politics: What Everyone Needs to Know (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013) xv–xvi

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Author: TA Smith

Sarah Terzo is a pro-life writer and blogger. She is on the board of The Consistent Life Network and PLAGAL +

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