Post-Abortive woman calls her abortion a “horrible mistake”

One post-abortive woman wrote:

“I’m 23 and I have three beautiful daughters. About a year ago, I found out I was pregnant again. My youngest child was only nine months old. We live in a small two-bedroom house with little income. I was scared to death. I didn’t want another kid and neither did my boyfriend. So we decided to have an abortion…

now I wish I wouldn’t have. I could have given the baby to someone, who would never get to experience motherhood, but I didn’t. I killed it, and I hate myself for that. It hurts every time I think about it, which is every day…

I am a good person, I just made a horrible mistake. I will spend the rest of my life regretting this. So if anyone out there thinks about getting an abortion, think long and hard about it. It will stick with you for the rest of your life, and it will hurt every time you think about it.”

Martha Jensen Abortion: Information and One’s Own Journey (2020)

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Author: TA Smith

Sarah Terzo is a pro-life writer and blogger. She is on the board of The Consistent Life Network and PLAGAL +

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