Planned Parenthood can’t help pregnant woman who wants to keep her baby

Planned Parenthood, which receives millions of dollars from taxpayers every year, offers pregnancy tests. Many women go to Planned Parenthood expecting unbiased counseling, but the vast, vast majority of pregnant women who come to Planned Parenthood leave with an appointment for an abortion. Former Planned Parenthood clinic worker Catherine Adair describes what counseling was like at the Planned Parenthood she worked at, which performed abortions.

“Sarah” was a young woman who went to a Planned Parenthood clinic for a pregnancy test. In her own words:

“My Planned Parenthood experience was 30 years ago and short. I lived in an apartment building across from them. I had just become a Christian, trying to get pregnant. I took my jar of “specimen” over and found out I was pregnant! WOO HOO! They asked how I wanted to deal with the pregnancy, and I said, well, I want to see the doctor and talk about the pregnancy, labor and delivery, ASAP! I was excited.

They said, “Um, you’re KEEPING the baby? We don’t do that here.” I was shocked. I asked for a referral, because we had not lived there long. They didn’t refer to OBs either! WOW!  I was so young, and they were so beside themselves that I would be keeping the baby! (and probably upset that I had wasted their pregnancy test).I learned they aren’t really PLANNING for PARENTHOOD.”

Susan Michelle “Inside Planned Parenthood the only choice that matters is abortion” Bound4life November 23, 2011

Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide services to help pregnant women unless those services are connected to abortion. Usually they cannot even provide referrals to doctors for women who want to carry their pregnancies to term.

Read more women’s stories of counseling at Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics.

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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