My little doll baby

A woman who chose to have an abortion because her baby had down syndrome saw the body of her baby afterwards and describes the baby is looking like a “doll”. Here are her words:

“I never decided, when he took the baby out, I immediately said, “Can I see it?” And he was a little doll, 7, 8 inches long, perfectly formed, a little tiny baby doll.

He was beet red, and I couldn’t see anything wrong but the nurse knew, she came forward, she showed me where the signs of down syndrome were. And then the doctor stepped in and he showed me too.

And I think they did it, well, so I could be at peace with the little doll of the baby, so I would never think that just because he looks so well formed, I’d never think there had been a mistake.”

Rayna Rapp Testing Women, Testing the Fetus: the Social Impact of Amniocentesis in America (New York: Routledge, 1999) 240

The baby, of course, was not a doll, but a dead human being. Like the one below, who was aborted at about the same time as the woman’s:

These abortions, at this stage, are performed every day. Not all of them are on handicapped children, many are on children that are perfectly healthy. They are not dolls – they are babies. Most of the time, however, babies at this age are taken out in pieces. The chart below shows how.



Here is the foot and leg of a baby who was taken apart in this manner.

16 weeks
16 weeks

You can count each individual toe. The baby most likely felt pain as she was being ripped apart.

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