Abortionist: We know that it’s killing

Abortionist Neville Sender was quoted saying:

“Of course we know it’s killing, but the state permits killing in certain circumstances.”

Monica Migliorino Miller Abandoned: the Untold Story of the Abortion Wars (Charlotte, North Carolina: St. Benedict Press, 2012) 183

Hand of 12 week old unborn baby
Hand of 12 week old unborn baby

Another time, he said:

“We all know what abortion does, what it is. It’s terminating a pregnancy, with all its implications.” (Comments after he was asked if abortion was a form of killing.)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Abortion ruling marks 25 years Viewed as triumph or tragedy, Roe case is bedrock of long debate, 1-18-1998

Read more quotes of abortionists admitting that what they do is killing.

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