Mother drags her daughter to abortion clinic, she refuses abortion

An abortion clinic escort writes about parents who tried to force her daughter to get an abortion. A sidewalk counselor tries to reach out to the mother and teen to offer resources and help, and the mother attacks her. The clinic escort feels this is justified:

“And the worst incident was a young woman whose mother had dragged her here. The patient clearly did not want to have an abortion; while in to have her ultrasound she freaked out about the finger prick test, and then told the nurse, her mother and anyone who would listen that it was a blessing to be pregnant, a beautiful gift from God. Incidents like this are never as amusing as you think they are going to be, at least not at the time. While back in the waiting room, she was talking to her parents, trying to get them to leave. Another patient came up to me in tears and told me that either Gift-from-God patient had to go, or she would. Apparently GfG was blabbing on in the middle of the waiting room about how she wasn’t going to “kill [her] baby” and all that. In the end, we had to ask her to either leave or stop upsetting the other patients. She left.

Outside, GfG and her parents were approached by Pink Hat, in her rosary-counting, Jesus-totin’ glory. GfG’s mother was already SUPER PISSED, and ended up giving Pink Hat a nice little shove (she wasn’t hurt). While I don’t condone the violence, I feel that the protesters have to assume that their presence is going to provoke that kind of reaction sometimes.”

“They Say it Comes in Threes” Anti-Choice is Anti-Awesome Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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