Late term abortionist reveals emotional conflict

Late term abortionist Dr. Warren Hern talks about the emotional impact of providing late term abortions:

In passing, the abortionist says you can never get used to this. Next time he gives you a minute, you ask him to elaborate.

You can’t, he says. I think we’re hardwired, biologically, to protect small, vulnerable creatures, especially babies. The fetuses may not be babies, but some of them are pretty close.

Since you’ve become wary of even saying the word baby around him, always using fetus instead, this surprises you. But he refuses to say any more. He suggests you read an essay called “What About Us? Staff Reactions to D&E.” The antiabortion people quote the shit out of it. It’s kind of antiabortion porn for them. But the pro-choice people don’t like it either. They don’t like it when you talk about how it really feels to do this work. His voice is somewhere between bitter and proud.

John H. Richardson “The last abortion doctor” Esquire September 1, 2009

Hern provides abortions all the way up until birth at his Boulder, Colorado clinic. You can see him advertising to do third trimester abortions on his website.

Child in the womb at 7 months. Hern aborts babies this late
Child in the womb at 7 months. Hern aborts babies this late
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