Interview with Men in Prison Shows That Some Suffer after Abortion

One researcher interviewed men in prison whose partners had had abortions. Their responses show grief and sorrow.

4 married men whose partners had abortions.

“I’m hurting just as bad as she.”

“It’s not the child’s fault. It was wrong.”

“I resent her for doing that. It drew a piece from me.”

“My wife’s abortion about killed me. It was rough. There’s always room for one more.”

Several inmates said the following of their male friends whose partners had abortions:

“He quit school and then lost his job because of major depression.”

“He turned to alcohol. He’s always talking about the baby. He is miserable about the whole thing…”

“My friend went through a lot of pain… Through the years it caused problems. He talked about it several times. Women don’t take the men into consideration.”

Pierce L. Abortion Attitudes and Experiences in a Group of Male Prisoners. Newsletter of the Association for Interdisciplinary Research in Values and Social Change January/February 1994; 6 (2) 1 – 8;pp 1-2

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Author: TA Smith

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