Dr. Describes Abortion of 18 – 22 Week Old Baby

Abortionist Warren Hern, in his textbook on how to perform abortions:

18-week-old unborn baby

“[at 18 weeks post fertilization age] it can be a significantly more difficult procedure accompanied by unnerving hemorrhage. Forceps use must be sure and relatively rapid. There is frequently not much time for exploring the nuances of different tissue sensations. Grasping and collapsing the calvaria [upper domelike portion of the skull] are often difficult. Stripping the calvaria of soft tissue is sometimes the first step in successful delivery of this part, followed by dislocation of parietal bones… [From 19 to 22 weeks post fertilization age] A long curved Mayo scissors may be necessary to decapitate and dismember the fetus, since it may be impossible to apply forceps or to do so while avoiding the thinned out cervix.”

Warren Hern Abortion Practice (Philadelphia: J Lippincott, 1990) PP 153 154



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