Lone Protester May Have Caused Abortion Clinic To Close

In an article dated September 22, 2011, Life News reports that an abortion clinic near Portland Oregon has closed. This closure comes after a pro-life protester called the company running lab work for the clinic and explained the clinic’s purpose.

PeaceHealth Laboratories, the largest private laboratory in Oregon, and its relationship with the abortion clinic when a protester called them and explain that the facility did late-term abortions. A Catholic company, Peacehealth decided to discontinue their contract running lab work for the clinic.

The clinic was named Bours Health Center and was run by abortionist Peter Bours, who still performs abortions elsewhere in the state.

The exact reasons for the closure were not clear, however the doctor’s need to find a new lab’s company to work with may have played a role. Even though the PeaceHealth laboratory worked with Dr. Bours for seven years, a single phone call got them to change their mind about working with him. According to the doctor:

“I was a little surprised. You have a seven-year business relationship with someone and you cut it off because one lame protester calls — it seems a little ridiculous to me.”

This incident shows the profound effect even one person can have on the abortion industry. Whether the clinic was closed by financial issues, lack of patience, lack of resources, or pro-life activity, this is one less abortion clinic that will be killing babies near Portland Oregon. Pro-lifers consider this a cause of celebration.

Source: Abortion Business Near Portland, Oregon Reportedly Closes Steve Ertelt, LifeNews.com, can be found here


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