Abortion Clinic: Affordable Medical and Surgical Services, Kansas

The Board of Healing Arts of Kansas suspended the medical license of Kansas City abortionist Krishna Rajanna after it conducted an unannounced inspection of his “Affordable Medical and Surgical Services” abortion clinic and found terrible conditions.

In the Spring of 2005, medical authorities raided Rajanna’s abortion clinic after former employees alleged that he had coffee cups full of syringes lying around, stored medical equipment near a blood-stained toilet, had a blood-spattered carpet in his operating room, and put aborted fetuses in refrigerators the employees used for lunches.

On March 15, 2005, Detective Howard testified before the Kansas House Committee on Health and Human Services. He gave details on the “disgusting” condition of the abortion mill, as well as on Rajanna’s lack of personal hygiene. Howard said that

“There were dirty dishes in the sink and on the tabletop, trash everywhere, and roaches crawling across the countertops, with a smell of a stench in the room. Frankly I was reluctant to sit down. … The medical equipment was cleaned with Clorox and water then put in a ‘dishwasher.’ … I thought I had heard and seen every vile, disgusting crime scene, but was in for a new shock when I started this investigation. … ”

Howard also told The Pitch that “The clinic was filthy. It was disgusting. It was repulsive. To think that there was invasive surgery going on in that clinic was not a comforting thought. It might remind you of a clinic you’d run into in a Third World country.”

In March 2005, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts shut down Rajanna’s abortion mill and fined him $1,000, and, on June 11, 2005 it unanimously voted to permanently revoke his medical license for repeatedly violating health and safety standards at his abortion mill. The abortion doctor blamed pro-lifers for his troubles, claiming that they were orchestrating some kind of sinister campaign against him.

In July 2005, Rajanna filed a lawsuit against the Board of Healing Arts. Showing contempt for the poor, Rajanna’s lawyer argued that his abortion mill should not be shut down, because then low-income patients could not receive care from him. Medical Board member Nancy Welsh asked “Why do they [the poor] deserve a dirty clinic?”

Kansans for Life legislative director Kathy Ostrowski said in response to the lawsuit that “It is ridiculous for Rajanna to deny that his Kansas City clinic was rodent-ridden, filthy and deficient. Even more ridiculous is his claim that the Board of Healing Arts acted as an agent for pro-lifers.”

Abortionist Rajanna had already been disciplined by the Medical Board twice in 2000 and 2001 for failing to properly test the blood-types of his patients and for improperly labeling medications.

Kansas House Bill 2829 would require all 2,300 offices that perform outpatient surgery (including abortion mills) to undergo unannounced inspections. Showing once again that they value the availability of abortion far more than they value the health and lives of women, pro-abortionists vehemently opposed this legislation, even though it did not single out abortion mills for attention.

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Here are some pictures of Rajanna’s clinic. Note cluttered and dirty procedure rooms and medical waste in refrigerator.

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