Former Clinic Worker: Julia

From Priests for Life:

I was a nurse practicing in North Carolina.  I worked on a Gynecology/tumor unit at a teaching hospital. The unit included 4 prostaglandin abortion beds.  The babies who were aborted were between 18-20wks of age.  Most women were young, but occasionally there were patients whose babies had life threatening defects.  I assisted the doctor in the initial placement of the prostaglandin.  Then the women were left on the floor to deliver.

One thing that is often forgotten by people is that there is a big difference between a picture of a baby at a certain number of weeks pregnant, and seeing and experiencing a birth.  There is a sensation of life, of a living thing. It is like the difference between a picture of a puppy and a real puppy. Even a movie does not capture the whole picture.  All of your senses are involved.

After the second abortion I began changing my own thoughts about abortions and after a few more I could no longer participate.   After several more years, my faith began to grow and with that my guilt increased. I spoke with a therapist and my parish priest. I asked for God’s forgiveness, but it took a while before I could let go of my guilt.

Now I want to do what I can to stop abortions.

Here is a picture of a prostaglandin abortion at 20 weeks:

This testimony is further evidence that most second trimester abortions are done on healthy mothers with healthy babies.

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Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.
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3 Responses to Former Clinic Worker: Julia

  1. Vicky S. says:

    I got pregnant when I was 18. I was raised to know that if you had a baby…you’d better have the money to pay for everything…I never knew there was such things as welfare and food stamps. The baby’s father was 17 and we had been seeing each other for several months…we were best friends. I had my abortion at 5 weeks…and not 1 day goes by…that I am not thankful that this option was available to me.

  2. cathy says:

    i cry as i see this picture.and have regreats of what i did in the past

    • Angel says:

      This makes me sick I’m 5 months pregnant now and son’t even know if she’ll survive so to see this makes my skin CRAWL!!!!!!!!!! My only question to u is how u can live with what u did 4 a living it’s just SICK I know at times nessasary but NOT this far along DAMNET!

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