Father Frank Pavone on Repeat Abortions

Dr. Theresa Burke, from her book Forbidden Grief:

“Repeat abortions and replacement pregnancies are two common ways in which women reenact elements of their abortion trauma.”

Quoted in Father Frank A. Pavone “Ending Abortion: Not Just Fighting It” (New Jersey: Catholic Book Publishing Corp, 2006) 73

Quoted by Pavone also on page 73:

Dr. Philip Ney

“Tragedy is repeated not because we do not understand, but because we are trying to understand.”  Meaning that a woman is reliving her abortion experience trying to resolve the — a replacement child, but then realizes that the same reason she had an abortion before is still present.”

The quote is from Dr. Ney’s book Deeply Damaged.

From Dr. Pavone himself

“an underlying conflict, perhaps created by previous trauma, is unresolved.  We find we cannot resolve it by simply replaying it in our minds.  So we relive it.  This happens in many arenas of life.  The sexually abused child may become seductive; the child who lacked touch and affection may seek an emotionally cold partner, and so forth.  We repeat what we don’t understand, in the hopes of mastering it.

Repeat abortions can be repulsive even to people who call themselves “pro-choice” and even to those who work in abortion mills.  Sometimes the reaction is exasperated, indignant, “How could she do that??!!”  But we should change the question and ask instead, “How can I help you to heal?”  That question expresses the heart of the pro-life movement, a movement that knows that the destiny of mother and child are forever intertwined and that we can’t love one without loving the other.”

Read what abortion providers have to say about women who have repeat abortions here.

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