Doctor: It “Isn’t Pleasant” To Look at Aborted Baby Parts

“What would you describe what you see on your machine when you do a second trimester D&E abortion?

“Yes. While I’m doing the abortion my assistant has the abdomen and it gives a picture of the uterus and the placenta and fetal tissue at actual show my cannula coming to the cervix into the cavity of the uterus and as the tissue is sucked out and removed the uterus slowly clamps down by contraction until it’s finally empty and then we know that were complete. I think it might be a problem for anybody to look at that for the first few times very much like when we amputate a leg in surgery that’s a terrible thing to look at also, an amputated leg. It certainly isn’t pleasant to look at fetal parts but we’re taking care of the patient.”

“Death on Demand: An Abortionists Day  American Portrait Films: “Generation Kill” part 2: Death on Demand

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