Abortionist Speaks of Poor Conditions in Clinic

Abortionist who switched from performing the occasional abortion in his office to working in an abortion clinic said the following:

“I’d never worked in a clinic. I’d always had my own private practice and run my own show… I was accustomed to operating in a very serious room with caps and gowns and masks and scrubbing for every procedure and to suddenly go in and there’d be a patient up in stirrups with no drape… It was a shocker. And I thought, were bound to have some calamities, we’re going to have some accidents, it’s just bound to happen. And it was like just walking on egg shells.”

Carole Joffe. Doctors of Conscience: the Struggle to Provide Abortion before and after Roe Versus Wade (Boston, Massachusetts: Beacon press, 1995) 19

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