Pro-Lifer tells story of her mother’s coerced abortions

Melissa Pereira, a pro-life student leader at Caldwell College, tells her family’s story:

“Twenty-six years ago my mother was forced into a Planned Parenthood facility with her supposed husband. As they entered the clinic together, my mother was pushed and verbally abused as her husband exclaimed that this was her only choice right in front of a clinic worker. Rather than defend the woman and her rights, one of Planned Parenthood’s champion causes, the clinic worker not only ignored the abuse, but proceeded to lie about her pregnancy. My mother was 5 months pregnant, but she was told it was just a “blob of cells”. There was no counseling, no chance for my mother to make an informed choice with the guidance of informed educators as Planned Parenthood claims to be. That day was empty of truth as my mother’s womb was emptied of a person too small and vulnerable to defend himself. It became a void for my father to quickly fill with more sexual abuse.

A year later my mother was pregnant again. At this point her abuser knew where to take her to find solace…for himself. After continued abuse of her body and I dare say, her very soul, once again, hand in hand with the Great Enabler, Planned Parenthood, they took advantage of my mother’s vulnerability. She was speedily referred to a nearby hospital that performed abortions. Where were the other options that Planned Parenthood speaks about? It was clear my mother had only one option as another sibling was taken and another void created for my father to intensify his insatiable sexual drives.

Again, my mother found herself pregnant. Obviously, what Planned Parenthood had to offer as a solution was not working. My mother realized it, he didn’t want to. With the support of my grandmother, she mustered the courage to go forward with the pregnancy and keep the child. I was that child. Though my physical life was spared, I was born into the vicious current of abuse established by my father through the empowerment of Planned Parenthood. My life became a reminder that he was defied and therefore I had to pay. The tyrant did not like the void created by the word “no”, so he filled it with child abuse. I was no stranger to life threatening injuries.”

Eventually Melissa’s mother escaped her husband and Melissa went on to be a pro-life leader.

KRISTAN HAWKINS “Planned Parenthood, Abortion Enabled My Abuse; Now I’m Pro-LifeLifeNews APR 1, 2011

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Woman told “it’s not a baby”

A post-abortive woman named Margaret tells her story:

“In September I traveled down with Gerry to this clinic, where I was told, “You are in an unsupported situation and we can help you because you can have an abortion.”

Seeking reassurance, I asked “It’s not a baby, is it?”

“No,” they replied. “It’s just a blob of cells at the moment and the sooner it’s done the better.”

From this moment on, my denial hardened. It couldn’t be a baby, and I was doing the best thing possible for everyone concerned.”

Melanie Symonds, Phyllis Bowman And Still They Weep: Personal Stories of Abortion (The SPUC Educational Research Trust, 1996) 54

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90% of women had an abortion after being “counseled” by abortion workers

One abortion facility says that after their “counseling”:

“[It is estimated that 90% [of women who are counseled] will choose to have an abortion, about 8% continue with their pregnancy, and 1% will have presented too late for an abortion.”

Birth Control Trust “Model Specification for Abortion” (London: Birth Control Trust, 1994) 5.4

Joanna Brien, Ida Fairbairn Pregnancy and Abortion Counseling (London: Routledge, 1996) 54-55

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Abortion worker tells how they broke waiting period laws

One former abortion worker said in a webcast:

“Often times what would happen was patients would come in and say, “Oh, yeah, I did speak with someone. I don’t have my paperwork and we wouldn’t have their paperwork, but my regional director would say something to the effect of, “Well, can you show me in your cell phone where you had a phone call from a private number? Or show me in your cell phone where you have a phone call from an unlisted number or a 1-800 number, and we’ll just say that that was the phone call, and we just forgot to put it in the system.

So often times, we really didn’t have 72-hour informed consent, but we would still go ahead and see the patient.

There were even other times where the patient was truly adamant that she really wanted to have her abortion, if she came from far away, traveled a far distance and had a hotel room, there were many instances where we knew – we were not directly told to do this, but what we were told was, the number of abortion patients that we say that day is the number of 72 hour consents you should have at the end of the business day.

So basically, without saying it we were being told to forge, that we saw 35 patients, but we only had 30 consents, you need to make up those other five so you would have the correct number at the end of the day.”

Sarah Terzo “Former abortion worker: We ‘often’ skirted the law on waiting periodsLive Action News November 27, 2018

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Abortion worker tells teen abortion is “no big deal”

One teenager who had an abortion said the abortion worker told her this when she was crying before her abortion:

“What’s wrong with you? Who told you about the procedure for terminating a pregnancy? Has someone been telling you this is wrong? It’s no big deal. It only takes about three minutes and that’s it. Three minutes and it’s over. Why are you crying?”

Julia C Loren The Note on the Mirror: Pregnant Teenagers Tell Their Stories (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan Publishing House, 1990) 63

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Abortion provider: we don’t need to provide more counseling

At a pro-abortion presentation by former illegal abortionist and pro-abortion advocate Judith Arcana, a member of the audience said:

“….does the fact that women can find abortion difficult to decide on, and dwell on their decision afterwards, mean that we should respond in this in some way, by for example providing more counselling for women? I don’t believe that it does.”

Judith Arcana ““Feminist politics and abortion in the US,”  Psychology and Reproductive Choice

Visited 9/2/2017

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Abortion counseling takes place in “stark” environment

A book meant to train abortion counselors remarks on how many abortion facilities have somewhat unpleasant rooms for women to sit in while having abortion counseling. The book says:

“Often…the counselor will be seeing a woman in a clinical setting, a stark room which is multi-purpose. Any agencies or purchasers of counselling services need to ask themselves, “Would I feel comfortable in this setting to talk about painful feelings connected with pregnancy?”

Joanna Brien, Ida Fairbairn Pregnancy and Abortion Counseling (London: Routledge, 1996) 62-63

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Textbook for abortion workers describes how women see their babies

A textbook for abortion workers to help them counsel women says:

“….everyone has their own individual way of seeing a foetus.

Individual descriptions [of the baby] range all the way from saying, “it’s only blood, isn’t it?” to others talking of a fully-fledged baby complete with gender and personality. An abortion involves letting other people physically invade the client’s body and take away whatever the client has constructed as being her pregnancy.”

Joanna Brien, Ida Fairbairn Pregnancy and Abortion Counseling (London: Routledge, 1996) 57


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Girl pressured to abort by her mother says she had a “ruined life”

Here is one woman’s abortion story:

‘Hi, my name is Renae and I had an abortion when I was 14. I was barely an adult and just didn’t comprehend what was happening. I was pushed (by my mother) into making an uninformed decision out of convenience rather than given counselling and support to wrap my head around the situation I was facing. I now find this lack of care and information very disturbing.

I had no knowledge of what to expect or what would happen at the clinic – I was shuffled in without as much as a word. Someone asked me to confirm my name and that was it.

I was given an inadequate amount of drugs by the anesthetist. I woke up in the middle of the surgery and heard a doctor saying ‘There it is – got it!’ I was absolutely traumatized and distraught as I left the clinic that fateful day….

As a result of this experience I have endured depression, drug addiction and a ‘ruined life’. It’s ironic to think that my mum told me I would ruin my life if I had the baby, but no one ever stopped to think that maybe not having the baby and having an abortion instead would do the exact same thing.”

Women’s Stories” Abortion Rethink

Visited October 3, 2018

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Abortion guide published by Playboy describes abortion

In a book entitled The Abortion Guide: A Handbook for Women and Men and published by Playboy Paperbacks, there are descriptions of abortion procedures. This is what Playboy thinks women and men need to know about a first trimester procedure:

“The length of gestation is one factor that bears upon dilation. The longer a woman has been pregnant, the more tissue there is to be removed…

The cannula is inserted into the uterus, the suction machine is turned on, and the contents of the uterus are withdrawn. The sensation produced is again cramping, mild to severe and similar to that of menstruation. There may also be a tugging or pulling sensation.

After suctioning, the uterus may be explored with a curette (a spoon -like instrument) to make certain it is completely empty. Suction may be continued for another minute or so, and this completes the abortion procedure… The procedure may last from 2 to 10 minutes.… Any lingering cramps will subside in about 20 minutes.”

The book describes a D&E this way:

“Dilation and suction are employed as they are in early abortion. In addition to suction, however, forceps (grasping instruments) are used to remove fetal tissue… The contents of the uterus are removed by suction and forceps, which are used alternately until the uterus is completely empty… The tugging and pulling sensations are greater than in early abortion, and there is a greater sense of pressure. Heavier cramping occurs near the end of the procedure as the uterus begins to contract.”

Carole Dornblaser and Uta Landy, PhD The Abortion Guide: A Handbook for Women and Men (Rockville Center, New York: Playboy Paperbacks 1982) 130, 131-132, 135

Compare/contrast this to former abortionist Anthony Levatino’s descriptions of abortions.

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