Just 1 in 10 women “counseled” at British abortion clinics choose life

An article in The Telegraph found that only one in 10 women who went to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service and Marie Stopes (The two biggest chains of abortion clinics in England, sometimes called charities, even though they make a profit) decided against abortion. It implies that women are getting biased “counseling” and steered into abortion.

“Just one in 10 women who book consultations with Maries Stopes and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) decide against having an abortion, according to figures from a sample of clinics.

This is half the proportion regularly cited by the charities, who have claimed that one in five women who have consultations decide to keep their baby.

The disparity in the figures, if replicated across the country, indicates that the charities have exaggerated the number of women who continue with their pregnancies after receiving counselling by 14,000 a year…

In Hammersmith and Fulham 1,051 consultations resulted in 968 abortions while 83 decided against the procedure, meaning about 7.9 per cent of women kept their babies.

In Milton Keynes 1,029 women were referred to the clinics and of these 937 had abortions, with just 92, or 8.9 per cent, going ahead with the pregnancy.

In South East Essex 695 consultations produced 624 abortions while 71 women – 10.2 per cent of the total – opted to continue with the pregnancy.

Marie Stopes and BPAS are paid about £60 million a year to carry out abortions, with BPAS specialising in the more costly late-term procedures.”

Simon Caldwell and Nick Collins “Abortion charities could be misleading publicThe Telegraph 05 September 2011

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Author: TA Smith

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