Abortionist undermines informed consent law

According to many women’s testimonies, abortion facilities don’t give women accurate and truthful information about abortion’s risks or the development of their babies. Because of this, pro-lifers have passed laws requiring abortionists to read scripts to women with information about abortion and preborn babies. This is to ensure that women can make an informed choice.

Abortionist Curtis Boyd reads the state-mandated informed consent script to women- then interjects his own observation that all the information is false. In this way, he undermines the informed consent law.

According to pro-choice authors Robin Marty, Jessica Mason, and Pieklo Crow:

“… [Dr. Curtis Boyd, abortionist] provides the state script, then adds his own thoughts to the end of it.”

Boyd says:

“Sometimes I wonder what would happen if the state wanted to make an issue of it. You know: “We’ve already told you what you must say; now you can’t say…”

I don’t know. They can’t rule that I can’t have an opinion. They have sort of ruled what my opinion must be to the patient, but it doesn’t say clearly you can’t tell the patient you think something differently. So I do it. I think, “Well, they’ll just have to take me to court.”

There’s just a limit to how far they can go. I have to salvage my integrity, somehow. So I say, “this is what the state wants me to tell you, and my own belief is that abortion does not cause breast cancer,” and so forth - and that you are quite ethically competent to make this decision.

I respect your decision-making process. I’ve given you the decision-making process the state wants you to follow.”

Robin Marty, Jessica Mason Pieklo Crow After Roe (Brooklyn, New York: ig Publishing, 2013) 102–103

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Author: TA Smith

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