Planned Parenthood Calls Unborn Baby a “Blob of Jelly”

One woman who had an abortion and suffered grief afterwards says the following:

“My husband was with me. He was nervous. I was nervous. We were both wrecks. Planned Parenthood counseled me. They gave me a pamphlet that I hung on to. They told me that a fetus was just a little blob of jelly at three months.

Even so, I began having these nightmares, and my husband would always be dead in them. Sometimes the baby I killed would be calling to me, “Mommy, Mommy, why did you kill me?”

Then, after this, I found out the real truth about my baby, and it blew me away. About six months after my abortion, I started quietly looking into fetal and baby books, and one book just devastated me. I wanted to bury that book. I went into drinking and severe depression. I couldn’t live with it. I didn’t want my children to touch me. I wouldn’t let my husband touch me. I wouldn’t even take a shower or comb my hair.”

Women Exploited by Abortion state director. from the book “Women Exploited: The Other Victims of Abortion” Paula Ervin, ed. Our Sunday Visitor; 1ST edition (1985) 68


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11 Week Unborn Baby Called a “Blob of Tissue”

“I don’t remember a lot of it. It hurt too much. The nurse checked me. I was eleven weeks along. I thought that seemed pretty far. I wondered if it looked like a baby. I was assured that it was just “a blob of tissue.” Look at a picture of an 11-week old fetus sometime. It looks just like a baby. With fingers, toes, and all organs functioning! When I found out a few years later, I was devastated!”

Legs of baby at 11 weeks

Testimony of Carole K. Women Exploited by Abortion state director. from the book “Women Exploited: The Other Victims of Abortion” Paula Ervin, ed. Our Sunday Visitor; 1ST edition (1985)53

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They Told Me Just Enough to Scare Me

19 year old “Barbara” went to a clinic at her mother’s insistence after becoming pregnant. When she went, she wanted to keep her baby.

“The woman at the clinic started spewing facts so fast. They told me just enough to scare me….they mentioned all three points but made adoption sound negative and birth tragic, then really pushed abortion. I told them I was more than 14 weeks. She said they had to do it really quick because they couldn’t do more than a 14-week limit and pushed me to make the appointment for absolutely that day.”

During the abortion, Barbara says she almost passed out from the pain. She goes on to say:

“They played on my emotions. I didn’t get any time to think about it, then it was over. When I came back for a checkup, they didn’t care anymore.”

Trish Diggins “Selling Lies: Deception & The Abortion Industry” The Forerunner March 1, 1992

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Planned Parenthood Counselor Pushes Abortion

When Jennifer Clifford went to Planned Parenthood and found out that she was pregnant, she did not want to have an abortion. In her article “UN-Planned Parenthood” (1998) she tells her story.

“Next, the nurse asked me how I felt about the possibility that I could be pregnant. I let her know that I was excited at the idea but unsure of my future. She honed in on that uncertainty and probed further- what would I do with the child? Could I support it? What would my parents think? These were issues that I had not yet allowed to enter into my mind; I was taking the whole thing one step at a time. Consequently, I could not answer her questions as quickly as she blurted them out. As I floundered for responses, a look of smug resolution came over her face, as if she had already decided what I was going to do. I was a textbook abortion customer to her- young and afraid, and not knowing where to turn. She thought that all she had to do was prey on my worries and shoot down my childish dreams of being a ‘mommy’, and she could add another abortion to the paperwork. I, however, had other plans.”

Clifford’s interpretation of the counselor’s motives might be a bit subjective, but she then goes on to relate what happened when the pregnancy test came back positive:

“I’m sorry Jennifer,” the nurse shook her had and tried to look sympathetic. I was confused by her apology. I remember the dismayed look on her face when I began to smile. She grasped again at my concern, desperately trying to save her sale. She reminded me of my age and of my state in life. I knew I could not support the child on my own, so I asked her for a number I could call for government assistance. She claimed she didn’t have one to give me. It struck me as odd that she couldn’t provide me with a point of contact. Surely other women had been in this same situation before me and had needed information on how they could get help to keep their children as well. Why did Planned Parenthood, then, not keep such an important number handy?

I asked the nurse to give me a list of doctors from which to choose, as I felt the next reasonable step would be to see an obstetrician. The nurse breathed a heavy sigh of disapproval and curled her lip, as if I wasn’t understanding her point. “We don’t deal with pregnant women.” Shocked, I wondered how this company could call itself “Planned Parenthood” when it was unable or unwilling to deal with expectant parents….She seemed to sense my uneasiness and pressed some more.

She mentioned my parents again, appealing to my utter terror in having to break the news to them. The nurse bombarded me with negativity, playing on my fears and concerns and continuing to offer me the “easy way out.”… When I disagreed, she thrust a package of pamphlets at me on abortion costs and procedures, adoption information, and a small except on prenatal care. She presented this to me and told me to come back when I had made up my mind… I knew I had been very clear that I wanted to keep the baby, and that this was not bad news to me. That concept seemed to escape her….She had absolutely no concern for me as an individual with needs and desires; she was interested only in making money for her company.”

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Planned Parenthood Deceived Me

“Planned Parenthood suggested only an abortion. No other options were ever discussed. They never said the word “baby” – only “fetus.” you can’t imagine my shock and horror when I saw my dismembered baby after my “nice and easy” abortion. They deceived me. I’ve suffered severe emotional problems.”

Karen Sullivan-Ables, Taylor, Az

From “What to know before you choose abortion as your option” by Dianne Monahan and Karen Sullivan-Ables, published by Heritage House.

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Abortion Counseling Study

According to am abortion counseling study publicized in David Reardon’s book Aborted Women: Silent No More, out of 252 women who experienced postabortion trauma:

– 66% said their counselors advice was biased

– 40 to 60% described themselves as not having been certain of their decision prior to counseling

– 44% stated they were actively hoping to find an option other than abortion during counseling

– 5% reported that they were encouraged to ask questions

– 52 to 71% felt the questions were inadequately answered, sidestepped, or trivialized

– 90% said they were not given enough information to make an informed decision

– 83% said it was very likely that they would’ve chosen differently if they had not been so strongly encouraged to abort by others, including their abortion counselors

– “95% of women who had abortions at Planned Parenthood said that their Planned Parenthood counselors gave “…little or no biological information about the fetus which the abortion would destroy”

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Survey: Postabortion Women on Abortion Counseling

In this article from The Center for Bioethical Reform, the results of a survey given to post-abortion women revealed some telling facts about the counseling in abortion clinics.

The survey asked:

What was your opinion about the nature of the fetus before your abortion?

Human (26%)
Non-human (30%)
Other (40%)
No answer (4%)

What is your opinion about the nature of the fetus afteryour abortion?

Human (97%)
Non-human (0%)
Other (0%)
No answer (3%)

Were you given information about the biological nature of the fetus?

no (93%)
yes (2%)

Do you feel their opinions were biased?

no (6%)
yes (72%)

If so, for abortion?

yes (89%)
no (0%)

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