Pictures of aborted babies anger CBS evening news reporter

From pro-life author Randy Alcorn:

“When a pro-life candidate ran television ads showing aborted babies, people were outraged. A CBS Evening News reporter declared the abortion debate had reached a “new low in tastelessness.” Strangely, there was no outrage that babies were being killed… only that someone had the audacity to show they were being killed.”

Randy Alcorn Why Pro-Life? Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers (Hendrickson Publishers, 2011)

People are often enraged when encountered with the horror of abortion. This has led some pro-lifers to feel that pages of aborted babies should not be shown to the public. They worry that this will make people more entrenched into their positions because they cannot process the horror of what they are seeing and instead take their anger out on the messenger. However, people are often swayed by the pictures when they see them on the Internet. Read some testimonies here.

See pictures of abortions at different stages here

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Pro-choice activists will “try anything” to discredit abortion pictures, says longtime pro-life activist

From an interview with pro-life activist Joe Scheidler:

Q: When you debate leaders on the proabortion side, and you show them these pictures of what are clearly dead, and mutilated corpses of unborn children, how do they respond?

A: They say, “You have broken the rules. We’re not supposed to show pictures.” They say that we paint these pictures, or that it was really a baby that was killed and some other way. They’ll try anything when confronted with it to try to divert attention from it. If you get on a television talk show, they will not let you use the pictures, but I always have them lying there are in a folder nearby to keep them nervous.”

David Kuperlian and Mark Masters “Pro-Choice 1990: Skeletons in the Closet” New Dimensions, 1990

An unborn baby at 8 weeks:

8 weeks.

A photo of a baby aborted at this age:

8 weeks
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Pro-choice activist reacts to pictures of unborn babies

8 weeks

Pro-life author Randy Alcorn talks about how pictures show the humanity of the unborn child, and how pro-choicers don’t like to face their reality:

“Still, denial remains surprisingly strong. When I showed an intrauterine photograph of an eight-week unborn child to a pro-choice advocate—an intelligent college graduate—she asked me, “Do you really think you’re going to fool anyone with this trick photography?”

I told her she could go to Harvard University Medical School textbooks, Life magazine  or Nilsson’s A Child Is Born and find exactly the same pictures. She didn’t want to hear it. Why? Because she was really saying, “That’s obviously a child in this photograph, and because I don’t want to believe abortion kills a child, I refuse to believe that’s a real photograph.”

Randy Alcorn Why Pro-Life? Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers (Hendrickson Publishers, 2011)


This photo from The Endowment for Human Development, a site affiliated with the Department of Health, which is not a pro-life or religious site. It is pictures like these that abortion proponents claim are false. See more pictures like this one as well as videos of unborn babies at the Ehd site.

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Pro-choice feminist mocks unborn baby photos

In a pro-choice article, feminist Suzanne V Paczensky mocks unborn babies by saying:

“Some pro-choice advocates consider the emphasis on the humanity of the unborn misleading or deceptive, betraying “ignorance and contemptuous attitudes to women” by diverting attention from the woman carrying the child representations of the unborn in “tearjerking pictures of the sweet little pink embryo with it sad eyes staring out of its plastic bag, pleading: me live!”

Suzanne V Paczensky “In a Semantic Fog: How to Confront the Accusation That Abortion Equals Killing” Women’s Studies International Forum 13 no 3 1990 180 – 181

8 weeks. Paczensky is mocking and trivializing the lives of children like this one
Remains of a baby aborted at 8 weeks
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Robert Blank on the visibility of the fetus on ultrasound

Robert H Blank explains why the pro-choice movement has a harder time convincing the public that abortion is okay:

Sonogram of 10-week-old unborn baby

“Until the recent decades the fetus in utero could not take on the social recognition of a human except conceptually… One of the most critical elements of recognition is visualization. Only in the last 10 years has it been possible to visualize the fetus in utero through sophisticated electronic equipment. As ultrasound technology has advanced to produce more explicit real-time images of the fetal limbs and movement, it is reasonable to expect the tendency to perceive the fetus as a small baby instead of an unseen organism residing in the womb.”

Robert H Blank Fetal Protection in the Workplace: Women’s Rights, Business Interests, and the Unborn (New York: Columbia University press, 1993) 8 – 9

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Advocates for Choice oppose Michigan law showing women pictures

Unborn baby at 7 weeks

When a law in Michigan was proposed allowing women to see pictures of unborn babies before having abortions, pro-choice groups opposed it and successfully defeated that part of the bill, passing only a watered down version. Said one pro-choicer who opposed requiring women to see the pictures:

“To show a picture of a fetus that is very small, making it look huge, is very harassing.”

Carol Misseldine of Lansing Area Advocates for Choice

“Abortion Bill Toned Down” Lansing (Michigan) State Journal March 6, 1992

This pro-choice activist believes that giving a woman information about her pregnancy and unborn child is “harassing” her. Most informed consent laws don’t even require a woman to look at this information, they merely require her to be offered the opportunity to. And yet pro-choice groups oppose them. Shouldn’t a woman have all the facts before she decides? Is it better for a woman to see a picture of an unborn baby after she has had an abortion and been been lied to or been told the baby was just tissue?


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Fetus looks human, evokes sympathy, says pro-choice author

From pro-choice author Bonnie Steinbock. on how pictures of unborn babies sway people away from the pro-choice cause:

“By 12 to 14 weeks gestation, a fetus looks human. It evokes in most people the same instinctive responses of protection that newborn babies do.”

Bonnie Steinbock Life before Birth: the Moral and Legal Status of Embryos And Fetuses (New York: Oxford University Press, 1993) 71

Steinbock is not entirely accurate. The unborn baby actually begins to look human much earlier. See this picture of an unborn baby in the 9th week.

10 week legs:

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“Lies!”Shout Pro-Choice Demonstrators

Often, pro-choice activists refuse to believe that the pictures shown by pro-lifers are really that of unborn babies. Many of them maintain that abortion destroys a cluster of cells rather than a baby. Therefore, they are horrified by pictures that depict arms and legs torn off and skulls crushed. They even oppose letting people see pictures of intact unborn babies from embryology textbooks.

“Look at the pictures, look at the pictures,” shouted abortion opponents, holding up big posters showing a fetus at eight weeks.

“Lies, lies,” marchers shouted back.

Huge Abortion Rights Rally In D.C.” CBS News April 26, 2004

Here is a picture of a foot of an unborn baby in the womb at only eight weeks. The picture is taken from the Endowment for Human Development, which is not affiliated with the pro-life movement.


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NAF responds to partial birth abortion diagrams

Barbara Radford of the National Abortion Federation gave guidelines to pro-choicers on how to counter the graphic drawings of partial-birth abortions shown by pro-lifers who were protesting in support of the partial-birth abortion ban. She says:

1. Don’t apologize; this is a legal procedure

2. No abortion method is acceptable to abortion opponents

3. The language and graphics in the ad are disturbing to some readers.

Much of the negative reaction, however, is the same reaction that might be invoked if one were to listen to a surgeon describing step-by-step almost any other procedure involving blood, human tissue, etc.

Diane Gianelli “Shock Tactic Ads Target Late-Term Abortion Procedure” American Medical Association News July 5, 1993.

Read more about pro-choicers commenting on abortion pictures and graphics here.

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Pro-Choice Activist: Pro-Lifers Have a Stronger Position

From her former pro-life activist who now considers herself pro-choice:

“Pro-Lifers have the much stronger rhetorical position, both verbally and visually.… They compare abortion to the Holocaust – a metaphor no one for choice can rival. They have pictures of what they claim are aborted fetuses, fetuses that appear both human and violently damaged. Such pictures appeal to pathos in a way no logical pro-choice argument can hope to…. [There is] no image to rival the visual horror of the aborted fetus; instead there are only sterile, unemotional concepts in which to believe: privacy, choice, legalization. While feminists may feel the rightness of choice, that rightness can’t compare, on an emotional level, to the emotions associated with the implied opposite of pro-life (pro-death) or with the images of bloody fetuses.”

Elizabeth Wardle, PhD “The Rhetoric of Abortion: Reflections from a Former Pro-Life Activist” Quoted in Krista Jacob. Abortion under Attack: Women on the Challenges Facing Choice (Emeryville, CA: Seal Press, 2006) 90

This pro-choice activist admits that pro-lifers have a more persuasive case. Perhaps this is why so many young people are becoming pro-life. Read more about pro-choicers comments on abortion pictures here.

See some pictures of abortions here.

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