Pro-choice politicians in Virginia horrified by fetal models

Pro-choice politicians in Virginia were up in arms after Republican delegate Richard Black mailed models of unborn babies like the one below to them. A paper was included in the mailing that said “This is the size and shape of an actual first-trimester baby. Abortionists kill most babies at this stage of development.” According to the article in The Virginian – Pilot:fetal model

Senate Minority Leader Richard Saslaw of Fairfax County said [it] was one of the most inappropriate things he has seen in his 23 years in the Senate.

“Quite frankly, the people who saw this were pretty repulsed by it,” he said.

It’s not surprising that pro-choice politicians, whose decisions condemned thousands of unborn babies to a violent death every year, were “repulsed” at seeing a depiction of an unborn baby. Another lawmaker, Sen. Leslie Byrne, D-Fairfax County, said:

“It shocked me …It hurts the decorum of the General Assembly”

JUSTIN BERGMAN  “Republican sends Senate members plastic fetus doll” Virginian-Pilot 2/5/2003

Actually, I was unable to determine which fetal model was distributed. It may have been the one above, or it may have been a slightly different one. But the article makes it clear that pro-choicers are horrified when confronted with the reality that they support killing babies. You can see more fetal models or purchase them here. 

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

One thought on “Pro-choice politicians in Virginia horrified by fetal models”

  1. If they’re so horrified by this, imagine what their reactions would be to a picture of an aborted baby.

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