Naomi Wolf takes pro-choicers to task for trying to discredit pro-life pictures

Pro-choice groups and individuals often try to discredit the pictures that pro-lifers show of mutilated children who were aborted. Naomi Wolf, a pro-choice feminist, admits that the pictures are real and takes other feminists to task for trying to discredit them:

“To many pro-choice advocates, the imagery is revolting propaganda. There is a sense among us, let us be frank, that the gruesomeness of the imagery belongs to the pro-lifers… that it represents the violence of imaginations that would, given half a chance, turn our world into a scary, repressive place. “People like us” see such material as the pornography of the pro-life movement. But feminism at its best is based on what is simply true…. While images of violent fetal death work magnificently for pro-lifers as political polemic, the pictures are not polemical in themselves: they are biological facts. We know this.”

Naomi Wolf, “Our Bodies, Our Souls,” The New Republic, October 16, 1995

She is referring to pictures like the one below, which shows part of the remains a seven-week-old aborted child. These pictures are difficult to look at, but of one many people over to the pro-life movement. And even pro-choice activists to of seen them and dismiss them cannot deny their effectiveness.

abortion at 7 weeks
abortion at 7 weeks
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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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