Pro-life Reverend tells his story

Reverend Paul Schneck, president of the National Clergy Council for Operation Rescue, tells the story of how he became pro-life:

“I suppose I’ve always been pro-life by conviction, but in truth I was pro-choice by default. I paid lip service to those who opposed abortion, but I never really did anything about it. That is, until about two years ago.

It all started when a young couple came to my office to see me. They placed a garbage bag on my desk and told me to open it. Inside were the mutilated bodies of four aborted babies. They were disemboweled. Their tiny arms and legs had been torn from their torsos. They had been decapitated.

For the first time I realized what abortion really was – the deliberate, premeditated murder of a preborn baby. For years I’d heard the numbers: 15 million, 18 million, 22 million, but they were just that – numbers. Now I knew better. On my desk was the gruesome evidence! I couldn’t pretend any longer.”

He became active with Operation Rescue and was repeatedly arrested for trying to prevent abortions.

Richard Exley Abortion: Pro-Life by Conviction, Pro-Choice by Default (Tulsa, Oklahoma: Honor Books, 1989) 64

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