Planned Parenthood CEO admits that pro-life activity deters abortion-seekers

The CEO of Planned Parenthood of Western Washington, Chris Charbonneau:

“We know from past experience that these rallies and prayer vigils create barriers that deter our patients.”

Audrey Barrick “Pro-Lifers Fast this Lent Season to End Abortion” The Christian Post February 5, 2008

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Father devastated by girlfriend’s decision to abort

A woman who had an abortion and later regretted it recalled telling her boyfriend that she was pregnant and wanted to abort the baby:

“Once he arrived and we sat down to talk, he began to cry. He was begging me to keep our child. He promised to help me, even if I did not want to be with him. He offered to take the child himself and raise it if I did not want to. I was totally deaf to his plea. For a brief moment, I remember feeling for him as he was obviously in pain over this. How ironic that this young man although, not very much to the world and with little to offer anyone, was begging for his child… I told him I would consider all he had said and he left in no better state than in which he came. I did not speak to him again before the procedure.”

Many years later, she went through a bible study for healing after an abortion:

“I had to ask my child’s father to forgive me for aborting our child. It was maybe the most difficult letter I had ever written to another person. At the time the Internet was not readily accessible to me so it was to be an old-fashioned pen to paper plea for forgiveness.

I wrote my letter. I do not remember the exact contents but I know I was sincere and I remember sobbing as I wrote. It was a bit challenging to find an address for him and so I contacted his sister, who still worked in the same place and she said I could send it to her. She agreed to deliver it to him. I still have no idea if he ever received it. I never heard from him. Years later my oldest daughter Codi dated his first cousin. It was …. sad to hear that his life had been a mess full of time in jail, drugs, etc. I started to feel somewhat responsible, but God reminded me that I had given it all to him. I silently prayed for him one night and I let it go.”

Stacy Sistrunk Killing Sarah Grace: The Aftermath of Abortion (Revelazion Publishing Company, 2018) 43, 90 – 91

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Rape victim who aborted describes depression and nightmares

Rape victim Jackie Bakker, who aborted her child conceived in rape:

“I soon discovered that the aftermath of my abortion continued a long time after the memory of my rape had faded. I felt empty and horrible. Nobody told me about the pain I would feel deep within, causing nightmares and deep depressions. They had all told me that after the abortion I could continue my life as if nothing had happened.”

David C Reardon Aborted Women: Silent No More (Chicago, Illinois: Loyola University Press, 1987) 206

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Crisis pregnancy center worker speaks out

A woman who works at a crisis pregnancy center wrote:

“….we provide all services for free. They are for low-income pregnant and parenting women. We have free baby clothes, toddler clothes, shoes, maternity clothes, pregnancy tests, breast pumps, nursing bras, diapers, baby wipes, bottles, baby/toddler dishes, formula, food, toys, books, car seats, strollers, cribs, cradles, jumpers, and any other pieces of furniture or big toys when we get them. I have seen pretty much anything you can think of that deals with pregnancy or parenting, come into the clinic. We also give referrals to various social services, such as WIC…..

We don’t make them pay a single cent, unlike places like Planned Parenthood. So we truly offer purely free items for struggling families. Taking clinics like this away from all the people we have serviced, or trying to make it harder for us to provide these free items, is a gross attack on lower class people, especially since places like Planned Parenthood don’t bother to give *any* of these baby/toddler/maternity items to needy women. In fact you won’t find baby clothes or diapers or strollers or anything like that at any abortion clinic. Planned Parenthood doesn’t help you plan your parenthood at all, it just tries to eliminate it for you.

It takes a ton of privilege to be able to tell people that because you want every clinic that helps women to provide abortions, poor women aren’t allowed to have free baby supplies…

There is a lot of racial diversity in our clients as well. I have seen various people from all across the race and religion spectrum. People who are Pacific Islander, Arabic, Hispanic, Muslim, Ukrainian, Egyptian, African American, and so on and so forth. To take away free supplies from all these various minorities is racist and an injustice. They need help being able to afford these supplies and abortion clinics certainly aren’t going to help them. Higher rates of infant mortality due to systematic racism mean that every affordable baby supply is truly needed for a person of color. It is a privileged position to take that away.”

Kristin Monahan “What I Learned from Volunteering at a Crisis Pregnancy Center” Secular Pro-Life Blog DECEMBER 18, 2018

crisis pregnancy center
Here is a picture of a room in a crisis pregnancy center that is filled with clothes to give to expectant mothers and poor parents
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Crisis pregnancy center helps with woman’s baby

Varina H was asked if crisis pregnancy centers helped her. She says:

“Yes, they are very helpful. Still help me with maternity clothes, vouchers for baby clothes, lots of moral support, free ultrasounds, and said when the baby is born to go back and they will give me a baby shower basket with lots of clothes and diapers and other things. They help with baby furniture, have counseling and parenting classes for free, and help with children’s clothes as well. Super grateful for all the help I’ve received.”

Your experiences with CPCs and pregnancy resource centers” Secular Pro-Life Blog OCTOBER 2, 2018

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Woman thankful for help from crisis pregnancy center

Crystal K wrote about her experiences at a crisis pregnancy center:

“I went to one for most of my pregnancy and a couple times afterward. I wanted to take advantage of their parenting classes before my baby arrived. My counselor was incredibly wonderful and kind, and they helped my little family with baby clothes and equipment we needed. I learned so much there that’s been helpful and I’m so thankful.”

Your experiences with CPCs and pregnancy resource centers” Secular Pro-Life Blog OCTOBER 2, 2018

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Rape survivor who became pregnant: My daughter saved my life

Lianna Rebolledo was 12-years-old when she was raped by two men and became pregnant. Lianna decided to keep her baby after she asked the doctor if abortion would ease her pain and he replied ‘no.’

Now Lianna, 35, says she has no regrets about choosing life for her child and that her daughter has helped her overcome suicidal thoughts.

“If abortion wasn’t going to heal anything, I didn’t see the point. I just knew that I had somebody inside my body. I never thought about who her biological father was. She was my kid. She was inside of me…

It was really hard, but just to see that little person telling me how happy she was that I gave her her life. When she said that — and she was only four years old when she told me: ‘Mommy thank you for giving me life’ — I realized that she was the one who gave me my life back.

In my situation, two lives were saved. I saved my daughter’s life, but she saved my life. Even though [the rape] was a very hard moment, if I had to go through that [again] just to know and to love my daughter, I would go through that again. She’s always been there for me. She’s the only person who has shown me a real love. And I always will be grateful.”

SARAH ZAGORSK “12-Year-Old Bravely Rejected Abortion After Rape, She Has No Regrets 23 Years Later” FEB 27, 2015

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Woman pregnant from rape loves her son

Tricia Allen became pregnant from rape. She writes about giving birth to her son:

“The day my son was born, the nurses placed him in my arms, and he latched on and nursed right away.  I gazed at him and my son was just perfect.  I didn’t give one thought to the man who raped me.  My son was mine and mine alone.  And it turned out that my dearest child was the greatest gift I’ve ever been given.  He has beautiful green eyes and adorable red hair….

After a year, I met my husband. … We married a first months later, and now we’ve been married for 15 years and have three children we’ve raised.

My son just turned 16, and he is one of the most empathetic people you’ll ever know.  He’s a senior level Boy Scout — receiving many honors. He’s on the robotics team and he speaks German….

I do have flashbacks sometimes, but not as often now because I only see the beauty of the amazing child I was given through the worst day of my life.”

Tricia Allen “My Amazing Child Who Came From The Worst Day Of My Life” Save The 1 Blog September 7, 2018

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Crisis pregnancy center helps woman have her baby

Sarah Y was facing a crisis pregnancy and went to a crisis pregnancy center. She describes the experience:

“I was 17. Pregnant. They did testing for me, then counseling, and gave me all the options. I appreciated the honesty. Was really nice to have someone sit down and talk with me about priorities and future goals. Helped me put things into perspective and made it seem less daunting somehow. 20 years later, my daughter is amazing and I feel so blessed to have had such an amazing person to help me so long ago.”

Your experiences with CPCs and pregnancy resource centers” Secular Pro-Life Blog OCTOBER 2, 2018

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Father of aborted baby describes “painful” abortion

Bill came with his partner to an abortion clinic and watched a video they showed. After seeing it he said:

“They showed a film; I was surprised at the brevity of the procedure, and the seeming painlessness.”

But after the procedure, he said:

“Looking back on it, it was a lot more painful than I thought it would be. Mentally painful. The emotions were very strange. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way before.

We talked about it some after, but not much. Didn’t seem like there was a whole lot to say.

I think things changed between us in a very subtle way. I felt resentment toward her. Maybe she felt the same way about me.”

Carole Dornblaser and Uta Landy, PhD The Abortion Guide: A Handbook for Women and Men (Rockville Center, New York: Playboy Paperbacks 1982) 83

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