Blogger regrets the abortion her partner talked her into

A blogger who identified herself as Chase and claims to be pro-choice wrote about her abortion:

“What is making it so difficult for me is the fact that I didn’t want to have an abortion. When I found out I was pregnant I wanted the baby. I knew I couldn’t handle an abortion, I knew I didn’t want one, I knew as I sat in the clinic crying I should leave but I didn’t. I got on that table crying, shaking, being told by the nurses I needed to calm down so they could give me the anesthesia. It was horrible. It was traumatic. I don’t know why I didn’t leave. I let TK convince me if I did it everything would be OK, that he was going to take care of everything and make it better. I knew in my gut that was not going to happen. I knew I shouldn’t abort my child but I wanted to believe in the impossible. I wanted to believe that if I did it magically TK and I were going to have some kind of wonderful relationship. We didn’t have a relationship before I got pregnant, why would I think we could have one after? I longed for what I had never had – love, family, someone to be there for me. I knew if I kept the baby TK was going to shut me out so stupidly I did what he asked me to, I aborted my baby.”

Quoted at JivinJehoshaphat

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Abortion worker describes how parents forced their daughters to abort

An abortion clinic worker named Tonya wrote:

“[T]eens, young adults, and minors who are still living at home with their parents or legal guardians, are sometimes being forced to have an abortion or even feeling like they’re being pressured into having an abortion by that parent or legal guardian. This happens a lot of times to minors and young adults…

On the day of the appointment, you can usually tell the minor who does not want to be there just by their facial expression. Being upset and very emotional. When this is noticed, I’ll pull that patient to a private room to have a one-on-one talk with them without the parent being present, and sometimes the patient will say, “Yes, I am being forced to do this, and if I don’t, my parents will put me out or send me away.” And in other words, just turn their backs on them. You have parents who try to convince their child….

These parents will tell their daughter anything. They will even go as far as bribing them by telling them, “Just do this for mommy right now, and I will take you shopping, and I’ll get you whatever it is that you want, just please don’t do this to your mommy, you will have plenty of time to have a baby in the future when you’re old enough.” Parents don’t care about how their child feels, nor do they understand that a decision like this is no easy decision and that it can and will affect them in the future mentally.

You have these parents who don’t even think about what they are making their child do. All they are thinking about are themselves, what they are not wanting to deal with, so they think that this is the best way out of the situation, so they don’t even try to understand that young girl’s feelings about the whole idea of abortion…

The parents will sometimes deny that they are trying to force their child to have an abortion because they put them in the spotlight, and I have heard a child making a comment saying, “yes, you are, mama, I didn’t know that I was coming to an abortion clinic. I thought this was just a regular doctor’s appointment for my pregnancy.”…

Sometimes the parent will try and ask for an employee’s advice to see if they can help them when their child has refused abortion…

Sometimes it gets me very upset when I get one of these minors that is in the situation because of their parents forcing, threatening, convincing, and persuading a minor into having an abortion.”

Tonya P From behind Closed Doors: “Abortions” (Xlibris, 2013) 27-29

Tonya wrote about this in her memoir after leaving the abortion facility. In her book, she does not make any claim to be pro-life.

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Pro-Lifer tells story of her mother’s coerced abortions

Melissa Pereira, a pro-life student leader at Caldwell College, tells her family’s story:

“Twenty-six years ago my mother was forced into a Planned Parenthood facility with her supposed husband. As they entered the clinic together, my mother was pushed and verbally abused as her husband exclaimed that this was her only choice right in front of a clinic worker. Rather than defend the woman and her rights, one of Planned Parenthood’s champion causes, the clinic worker not only ignored the abuse, but proceeded to lie about her pregnancy. My mother was 5 months pregnant, but she was told it was just a “blob of cells”. There was no counseling, no chance for my mother to make an informed choice with the guidance of informed educators as Planned Parenthood claims to be. That day was empty of truth as my mother’s womb was emptied of a person too small and vulnerable to defend himself. It became a void for my father to quickly fill with more sexual abuse.

A year later my mother was pregnant again. At this point her abuser knew where to take her to find solace…for himself. After continued abuse of her body and I dare say, her very soul, once again, hand in hand with the Great Enabler, Planned Parenthood, they took advantage of my mother’s vulnerability. She was speedily referred to a nearby hospital that performed abortions. Where were the other options that Planned Parenthood speaks about? It was clear my mother had only one option as another sibling was taken and another void created for my father to intensify his insatiable sexual drives.

Again, my mother found herself pregnant. Obviously, what Planned Parenthood had to offer as a solution was not working. My mother realized it, he didn’t want to. With the support of my grandmother, she mustered the courage to go forward with the pregnancy and keep the child. I was that child. Though my physical life was spared, I was born into the vicious current of abuse established by my father through the empowerment of Planned Parenthood. My life became a reminder that he was defied and therefore I had to pay. The tyrant did not like the void created by the word “no”, so he filled it with child abuse. I was no stranger to life threatening injuries.”

Eventually Melissa’s mother escaped her husband and Melissa went on to be a pro-life leader.

KRISTAN HAWKINS “Planned Parenthood, Abortion Enabled My Abuse; Now I’m Pro-LifeLifeNews APR 1, 2011

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Doctors tell woman to abort, but her baby is born healthy

Linda Serrano, of Bakersfield, CA tells her story:

“I received a German measles shot two weeks before I got pregnant with my first child. I called three doctors, and none of them would accept me as a patient. They all wanted me to get an abortion. I went to a fourth doctor, and she also advised me to have an abortion, that my chance of having a healthy baby was 0%. When I told her no, she said, ‘Well then you will have a deformed baby, and you’d better tell your husband.’ I was in tears by this time. My husband said, ‘God loves all people the same. Then I asked God to have mercy on us, and heal my child. I told Jesus that if He didn’t, that would be okay, because I knew He would be in control. I would love my baby no matter what. “I’m very happy to say that my baby girl, Angela, is perfectly healthy! While the doctor was stitching me up, she said I still should have had an abortion!”

Melody Green “The Questions Most People Ask About Abortion” Last Days Ministries

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Woman attempts suicide after abortion

A pro-choice textbook meant to train abortion workers recounted the following story:

“Gloria, 28 years old, had an abortion in October….she was told by her partner and brother that she should have an abortion, which she felt told her respectively that her child, and therefore herself, was unwanted, unloved, and that she could not cope. She duly had an abortion. Gloria spoke of various kinds of emotional and physical abandonment that had occurred throughout her childhood and left her unable to trust others or herself.

Although she had received counseling from the family planning nurse who was a trained counselor she had brought along her partner, and her hurt and humiliation did not emerge. She felt unable afterwards to go back to the family planning clinic as this had not been suggested and the counselor had not helped her express her feelings. She went to her GP, where there was a counselling service, and was told that the practice counselor was “full up”, a further rejection. Gloria was prescribed anti-depressants with which she tried to commit suicide.”

Joanna Brien, Ida Fairbairn Pregnancy and Abortion Counseling (London: Routledge, 1996) 62

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Girl pressured to abort by her mother says she had a “ruined life”

Here is one woman’s abortion story:

‘Hi, my name is Renae and I had an abortion when I was 14. I was barely an adult and just didn’t comprehend what was happening. I was pushed (by my mother) into making an uninformed decision out of convenience rather than given counselling and support to wrap my head around the situation I was facing. I now find this lack of care and information very disturbing.

I had no knowledge of what to expect or what would happen at the clinic – I was shuffled in without as much as a word. Someone asked me to confirm my name and that was it.

I was given an inadequate amount of drugs by the anesthetist. I woke up in the middle of the surgery and heard a doctor saying ‘There it is – got it!’ I was absolutely traumatized and distraught as I left the clinic that fateful day….

As a result of this experience I have endured depression, drug addiction and a ‘ruined life’. It’s ironic to think that my mum told me I would ruin my life if I had the baby, but no one ever stopped to think that maybe not having the baby and having an abortion instead would do the exact same thing.”

Women’s Stories” Abortion Rethink

Visited October 3, 2018

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Doctors pressure mother to abort her child

Monique tells her story:

“My husband and I found out we were expecting our first baby and we were thrilled. The day came for our 20 week scan, but after the ultrasound we were just left to wait.

After several hours of delay, we were finally taken to see a doctor. They said outright – “There are issues with your baby’s head and heart; would you like to terminate the pregnancy?”

Just like that; no warning, no leading up to it, no more information than “issues” just “your baby’s not perfect, do you want to abort them?”

I was in shock, I couldn’t answer; this morning we were coming to find out what we were having and now you want to kill my baby? We didn’t even find out if it was a boy or a girl.

When I could speak again I said “No, we don’t want to do that” and we were given a referral to see a specialist.

When we saw the specialist, he also asked me straight up – “Do you want to terminate the pregnancy?” I answered “No! We told the doctor on Friday we don’t want to. That’s why we’re here.”

He completely ignored my ‘no’: “You can do it easily for the next four weeks so you have to decide before then. It gets a lot harder but don’t worry, we can still do it.” For a third time I said “No. We’ve already decided.”

He ignored me and said, “I can refer you to Brisbane but it will be stressful and expensive so are you sure you don’t want to terminate the pregnancy?”

By this point I was in tears. I sobbed “I want to do everything we can for our baby,” and after ignoring us 3 times, the nasty doctor finally rang the Mater Mothers Hospital in Brisbane.

We were squeezed in for an appointment that evening where we were told that our darling child had a perfect little heart and that we were having a baby girl.

A few weeks later we hit 24 weeks. I was so inexplicably glad now that it was “much harder” to kill my baby. She was loved from the moment I saw those two pink lines and to be asked 4 times in 4 days, with three of those being in a row, if I wanted to terminate my child was the worst thing that had happened to me up to that point in my life.”

Women’s Stories” Abortion Rethink

Visited October 3, 2018

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Boyfriend makes promises to get girlfriend to have abortion

A woman who regrets her abortion wrote:

“My boyfriend came over that evening. He was always good at saying the right things and held me as I cried throughout the night. Over and over he promised we would have children one day. Along with the others involved in my abortion, he lied. Our relationship ended not long afterwards… So I had an abortion to keep him, but not only did I lose him, I lost my baby and my self-respect also.”

Victoria Koloff They Lied to Us (Worldcomm: 2011) 14

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Forced abortion by husband and clinic workers

One woman told her story of a forced abortion:

“When I got pregnant again, I was happy and scared at the same time. At 19, I wanted a baby real bad. I didn’t want to hurt my parents, but I didn’t want to kill my baby. I didn’t feel I had a choice.

I waited for a long time, almost 3 months before I called the clinic for an appointment. When I went in for my first appointment, I decided I couldn’t go through with it. They told me to go home and think about it.

I did, but I knew my parents would be so disappointed in me. The next day I went back. I was still upset, but they said I no longer had a choice. I started yelling. I told them I didn’t want the abortion anymore. The doctor got very angry. They gave me a sedative to calm me down, but I kept screaming. I thrashed around trying to get off the table, but the nurses pinned my arms and legs down by leaning on me. Finally they strapped restraints on me. I kept screaming, “I don’t want to kill my baby. Please don’t kill my baby.”

Patricia A Bigliardi Beyond the Hidden Pain of Abortion (Lynnwood, Washington: Women’s Aglow Fellowship International, 1997) 167 – 168

This is the story of just one forced abortion. There have been many more.

forced abortion

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Husband pressures wife into unwanted abortion

From one woman who had an abortion:

“I was not thrilled at all about this pregnancy, but I knew I could never abort one of my children. It’s something I have always felt so strongly about. My husband, on the other hand, told me that there was absolutely no way we could afford to bring another life into this world and our only option was to abort. It didn’t matter what he said at the time because, despite the unfortunate circumstances, this baby was already a part of me and I had already loved it.

I tried keep a positive attitude towards the situation, telling him how we have survived way worse things then having a child. I told him that it was our mistake for not using protection during sex and that we had to grow up and deal with the consequences of our actions. I promised to get my tubes tied so we wouldn’t have to go through having another child ever again.

None of my efforts worked. Ten days later, after being verbally abused, ignored, and basically treated like the scum of the earth, I made my appointment to have an abortion. Part of me didn’t want my child to be born with a dad so hateful. I figured my baby would be better off in heaven then in my own home.

The day that I decided to have an abortion was the absolute worst day of my entire life. … It’s been three days and I have not stopped crying. I have nightmares about my baby every night. Whenever I get a moment to myself, I break down and cry. It’s the type of pain you can feel in your bones, the type of regret that never goes away. I have dropped out of the online class I was taking because I can’t seem to focus on anything but the child I killed. I am divorcing my husband and quitting my job to move down south with a family member. I sleep with a teddy bear at night now because of the emptiness I feel inside…

I am here to tell anybody who thinks that having another child is hard that nothing is as hard as reliving the image of a complete stranger taking that child from you. It’s disgusting and I hate myself every second of the day.”

Ashley Wehrli “15 Women Who Regretted Their Abortion Tell All” Babygaga Apr 20 2018

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