Woman pressured into abortion; “It was the worst day of my life”

One post-abortive woman tells her story of being pressured into an abortion:

“There’s no way you’re having a baby, I never want kids,” he said.
I told him it’s too late, I’m pregnant and couldn’t be happier. But he accused me of deceiving him and going behind his back, secretly planning a baby without his approval…..

[M]y pregnancy was an accident, it hadn’t been planned and I just assumed that he would be okay with it. I mean, why wouldn’t he? As far as I knew we loved each other, we owned a house together, we were financially secure and our future looked great.

But he was furious and threatened to leave me if I had the baby. So what was I supposed to do? … [A] week later, I found myself in a clinic and it was the worst day of my life, terminating a much-wanted baby. But what could I do when my partner didn’t want a baby?

I was in a lot of pain the following days, both physical and emotional, it was a total nightmare, I started having dreams about my lost baby. I was convinced she was a girl and I was just gutted. Also, I was left with so much guilt, I wish I’d been stronger and convinced Keiran to let me go through with the pregnancy…

One night Keiran told me he needed to talk and he dropped a bombshell, he was breaking up with me… I thought he loved me but clearly he didn’t, and of course I wished I hadn’t terminated my pregnancy because at least I’d have my baby.”

As told to Libby Jane Charleston “‘My ex pressured me to have an abortion because he didn’t want children‘” 9Honey August 19, 2018

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