Abortionist under oath describes “small coffins” for aborted babies

From a summary of testimony partial-birth abortion ban:17-wks

No sentiment is detected in Dr. Westoff’s description about the baby’s “tiny face and a relatively large head” and how stabbing the head with scissors or her own finger causes it to look “a little wrinkly and collapsed, but the facial structures are not disturbed at all by that procedure.” Even the “small coffins” and “little hats” available to “cover the back of the head where the incision had been made” [if the woman wants to see the baby after the abortion] are discussed with a insouciant air.

Emotions appear only when the question arises of fetal pain. Even then, the emotion is anger that the question was asked.

CATHY CLEAVER RUSE “Forum: Abortion trials and tribulations” The Washington Times April 24, 2004

You can read testimony from the partial-birth abortion ban trials here.

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