Abortionist describes crushing baby’s head

From a summary of testimony partial-birth abortion ban:

Dr Carolyn Westhoff, testifying in the New York trial, spoke of how it is “necessary to insert our forceps, open them as wide as possible to try to capture the head within the opening of the forceps and then crush the head using external force applied against the head.” She admitted there is “usually a heartbeat” when she performs a partial-birth abortion, and that even when she collapses the skull, the baby is still “living.”

CATHY CLEAVER RUSE “Forum: Abortion trials and tribulations” The Washington Times April 24, 2004

You can read the more here. 

D&E abortions, which are performed today also require the baby’s skull to be crushed.

Below: this is the age when many of these babies are aborted

22-24 weeks

22-24 weeks. 

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