Abortion worker: I have ‘no qualms’ but sometimes ‘reality of it all hits you’

Marie Stafford, 50, has worked in the abortion field since 1989:

She has no children.

I was brought up a Roman Catholic to believe that life was sacred, but I have no qualms about abortion.

I feel strongly about the woman’s right to choose. …

[She came to her views partly because of friend who she says died of an illegal abortion]

16 weeks
16 weeks

However, there are times when the reality of it all hits you. When you are at the operation, particularly with the later terminations, it can be difficult. You might think: “Oh God, that’s a potential life.” But you learn to distinguish between the procedure itself and the need to support the woman’s right to choose….

I would have no qualms about having an abortion. …

You see a lot of trauma and tragedy. It’s awful when girls come to you when they have gone over the 24-week limit And sadly some GPs who are anti-abortion delay referring patients until it’s too late. .”…

 AnnBarrowclough “ABORTION; THIS IS WHAT OUR NURSES REALLY THINK…” Sunday Mirror (London, England)  Aug 18, 1996

Baby aborted at 21 weeks
Baby aborted at 21 weeks
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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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