Abortion Provider: Suresh Gandotra

San Diego abortionist Suresh Gandotra fled the country after the District Attorney filed manslaughter charges against him following the death of one of his patients.

Gandotra had no hospital admitting privileges at any facility. In fact, he did not even know where a hospital was. After he botched an abortion on a patient, Gandotra failed to immediately call an ambulance. In fact, according to the Medical Board’s court filing, the abortionist asked for directions to the hospital by car, and planned on sending the patient in a car to the hospital despite her deteriorating condition.

He was told to summon an ambulance immediately. He tried to request a private ambulance, but failed so he finally called 911. Due to the abortionist’s delays, Paramedics didn’t arrive until over an hour later, at which time, they found the woman bleeding, in cardiac arrest and with no pulse. The woman bled to death.

Gandotra remains at large.

Los Angeles Times articles “Handful of abortion clinics put poor at risk” (04/05/98) and “Abortion patient’s death shows license system flaws” (03/21/95)

Source: Life Dynamics


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