Abortion Provider: Ivan Namihas

Los Angeles abortionist Dr. Ivan Namihas is a rapist and sexual predator who operated an abortion clinic and molested or raped the women he treated. He was found guilty by the medical board for sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, gross negligence, and incompetence.

Some of the charges dated back from 1969. Over 100 women claim to have been sexually assaulted or harassed by him. He was formally charged with four counts of rape, 45 incidents of sexual abuse, mail fraud (he billed patients for treatments that were medically unnecessary)and gross negligence.

According to testimonies by women, he raped some with foreign objects, forced others to perform oral sex on him, had sex with a nurse while his patient was in labor, made crude comments of a sexual nature to patients while examining them, solicited dates from patients and patient’s friends even while he was performing abortions, and gave false diagnoses to patients. According to those who worked with him, he gave these false diagnoses for financial reasons, hoping to treat women for conditions they did not have in order to collect money from them and their insurance companies.

One former employee said that Namihas “seemed to get some perverse pleasure” from inflicting pain on women.

Assistant US attorney Jonathan S. Shapiro said, “The term abuse of a position of trust, seems to have been coined for Dr. Ivan C. Namihas, MD. Arrogant, cruel, and greedy, he carried out a particular form of fraud against his victims.”

Sources: LA Times article, Patients allege gynecologist hated women: 3-22-1992, Life Dynamics, US Atty. bulletin June 1997 volume 45 number 3,”Report Details Pro-Abortion Violence, Crimes” By Robert Kumpel, Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission; November 2001 Issue


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